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Yes, you can check from your horoscope if you have the luck to own a property and the timing of buying one as well.

To check on the property prospects, you need to analyse the 4th house and its owner from Lagna/Ascendant and Mars as Mars is the signification for property.

4th House signifies comforts and a place to stay, which is one of the basic needs of man. The 4th lord in a strong position in your horoscope will surely bring you luck and gains of property.Similarly if Mars is also associated with 4th house, then this person will also have lots of land as well, provided the Mars is strong.

Similarly if Planets like Rahu in 4th house with an aspect of any Malefic planets will deprive the person of all comforts in life.

For example if you analyse the chart of Maharaja of Mysore who was responsible for building Mysore Palace, will tell you the importance of 4th house and property. This Maharaja has Kataka/Cancer ascendant and the ascendant Lord Moon, is placed in 4th house, and similarly the 4th lord, which is Venus is placed in Lagna/Ascendant, and this combination itself is a Raja yoga and Parivarthana yoga( exchange Yoga)., which clearly significance his taste and luck for building beautiful palaces.

Apart from the above, I have come across so many examples, which proves this hypothesis on 4th house & Mars and its significance to property buying.

In Some cases, if 4th Lord is placed in 12th house,there are chances that these people build houses over seas or away from their home land.

Now, the timing of buying the property is when you are running the Dasa/Antardasa ( ruling periods) of planets that is associated with 4th house and during the ruling periods of Mars.

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The Vision of Vasthu Sastra is to improve the well being of a dweller of a property or a space.This does not promise any Magic, but dwelling in the correct place will reduce the problems and can cope up with the challenges.

The Science of Vasthu Sastra has originated around 5000 BC and some of its earlier reference can be found in Matsya Purana.

In This Article Iam specifically focusing on North East Sector of a plot or a house.

The North East Sector is very important sector of the House or a space of the property.This is also known as spiritual quadrant. If this space does not conform as per vasthu principles the dweller could experience the following,

  1. If the North East corner is higher then the other regions of the house, then the dweller can experience poor finance,poor performance by the children in studies,and heart problems.
    Remedy: Raise the south west floor
  2. Master Bedrooms should not be in the North East Corner, as it can lead to blood related issues, and couples should never sleep in the north east corner.
    Remedy: Ideal place for Master bedroom and for couples is South West corner. So Shift there.
  3. If the kitchen is located on the North East Corner, then the female members of the property can meet with accidents and health problems.
    Remedy: Shift the cooking stove to South East or north west direction.
  4. If the roof is higher on the North East, then the male child can experience failures in examinations.
    Remedy: Increase the height of south West Sector. Always remember to buy a property which is slightly high on the South west Sector.
  5. If Toilets are in North East Sector, then the dweller will have obstacles in Career, and will not have any job satisfaction. Same time the family may split.
    Remedy: Remove the toilet from North East Sector.
  6. If Shed or Garage is in North East Sector, then the dweller will have continuous health problems and failures.
    Remedy: Shift the garage from North East.
  7. If store rooms or heavy loads of things are in north east sector, then the dweller can have frequent accidents.
    Remedy: Heavy items to be stored in South West Sector of the house.

Based on your feedbacks, i will add more on Vasthu sastra in the coming articles.


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