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Many times my clients ask me why i don’t prescribe Gems for immediate remedy.

Let me tell you the reason,

-From my research and learnings, I am more convinced with other remedies which is tried and tested.Apart from that this remedy with Gems stones is not prescribed in any ancient astrological texts.

- While prescribing Gem stones, it must be carefully done, else it can have counter effects. For example, it is safer to wear gem stone of 1,5,9 lords, from your horoscope and the sub ruling period (Antar Dasa).

- When the ruling or sub ruling period comes to an end, you must change the stone, because the next ruling periods may not work out with the gem stone that you were wearing so far.

Background of Gem Stones:

Prescription of Gem stones as a remedy is not found in any classical texts of Astrology.

However the remedies with Gems tones are mentioned in Various Puranas (Mythological texts), such as Narada purana and Garuda Purana.

Gems stones, do have their effect, but please be careful while using them and do change when the ruling periods in your horoscope changes.