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There are various misunderstanding among the people about certain Stars( nakshatras) / Constellations.

Many at times i have come across a Girl not getting married because she was born in certain constellation such as VISAKA, MOOLA, ASLESHA(AYILYUM), JYESTA(KETTAI). While probing further it is understood that these constellations where rejected by the bridegroom’s family because of the belief that a girl of the above constellations will bring destruction into the family which she enters after marriage.

This is because of pure ignorance about the complete understanding of astrology. There are certain padas/quarters that can cause in – auspiciousness, and NOT the entire constellation itself.East constellation is divided into 4 quarters or padas. Example if you take the constellation of Moola, then further Moola is divided into 4 quarters or padas.

Below is some of the Padas of the above constellations which is regarded as inauspicious

  • Visaka – only the last quarter or the 4th pada is inauspicious and not entire visaka constellation.A girl entering into the family with Visaka 4th pada can bring misfortune to husband’s younger brother.
  • Moola – Boy or Girl born in 1st quarter of Pada of Moola is not auspicious,as it can cause misfortune to husband’s father.The other              3 padas’s ( quarters) are beneficial and fortunate.
  •  Aslesha( Ayilyam) -Girl born in 1st Quarter or Pada can bring misfortune to husband’s mother.
  • Jyeshta ( Kettai) – Girl Born in 1st quarter or Pada can bring misfortune to husband’s elder brother.

So a girl or Boy born in these above constellations will not bring any misfortune except if they are born in certain quarters or pada’s.

However the next question is what if someone is born in those Padas or quarters that bring misfortune?

The Answer is

  • The entire horoscope must be examined on the likely fortunes and misfortunes and not to decide just based on the padas of these constellation.
  • There are certain remedies prescribed by ancient texts for those born on certain padas of the above constellation.

So please examine more in detail before rejecting based on the above constellations.