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Below is based on your Moon Sign. The predictions are only general, and not specific to individual. In case you may need accurate predictions, please check your horoscope.

Zodiac Sign Forecast Remedies
Aries Average month. Be careful on your health. Some of you may change your current location. Worship Lord Saturn. Read Sani Mahatmya.
Taurus Above average month. However some of you may face betrayal. General slowness can be expected Worship and perform Archana and light Lamp to Mahavishnu on your birth star day.
Gemini Good days ahead. You would have started feeling the auspicious happenings around you. Lots of spiritual visits may be undertaken. Worship Lord Shiva
Cancer Good Month. Finances will improve. Some stressful journeys expected. Happy Events can take place. Worship Lord Saturn every Saturday by lighting lamp.

Worship Lord Mahavishnu on Thursdays.

Leo Good Month. Financial gains can be expected. But be careful when you speak. Worship and light Lamp to Lord Subramanya.
Virgo Good Month. New ventures can make you happy. Lots of gains expected. You may hear some upsetting news. Health must be taken care. Perform Mritujaya Homa. Worship Lord Shiva.
Libra Below average. Challenging work environment can make you upset. This is happening from May onwards intensively. Unexpected expenses arise. Chant Hanuman Chaalisa. Worship Saturn and Lord Vishnu my Lighting ghee Lamp, every week.
Scorpio Good Time. Favorable on your undertaking. Good financial gains, but don’t be overconfident. Worship Saturn every Saturday.
Sagittarius Good month. You will also have some financial gains. Auspicious events happen in your family. Worship Sun God on Sundays, by lighting lamp in a Navagraha temple.
Capricorn Good Month. Your difficult phase is over. Financial position improves. Good direction for your life can be expected. Worship Durga on Tuesday by lighting Lamp. Worship Lord Ganesha by performing Archana.
Aquarius Average month. Becarefull on accidents or fall. Financial gains can be expected. But no peace of mind. Meditate. Worship Godess Durga on Tuesdays by Lighting lamp in her temple.
Pisces Slightly better month. But be diplomatic, dealing with friends and relatives.2nd half of June will be better Worship Lord Sun on Sundays.