About Us


About us

Raghunandanan H, MPIB ( MBA), Dip in Astrology, is the inspiration behind www.myastrology.in  He is a renowned Indian Astrologer practicing for last 20 years. His clientele belongs from all walks of life and also around the world. Most of the clients are located in USA, UK, India, Australia, Malaysia, Singapore, Middle East and Europe. The vertical of clients include Businessman, Film personalities, Politicians, Doctors, Engineers and also budding Astrologers. Almost all his client’s are with him for years. The idea of promoting Astrology through this site www.myastrology.in is to help the people all over the world to access astrology with a reasonable price and make a positive difference in their lives. He had also published several articles on Astrology, Karma and reincarnation, and also about Nadi Astrology.

His Specialty

Accurate prediction with time period of the event in the areas of Career, business, finance, relationship, Child Birth, property, marriage and Love, education, overseas opportunities, spirituality, tracking past lives. Having achieved the accuracy of predictions,  by combining Nadi and Vedic astrology, he has been appreciated and acknowledged by many.

Few of his Astrology researches are published in the blog http://myastrology.in/blog/ and also in the link  https://raghunandanan.wordpress.com/

  • Timing of career advancement and success with relation to Navamsa and D10 chart
  • When to invest in business and ensure success of returns
  • Identifying Bhadaka planets for different ascendants and its effect
  • Accuracy of marriage matching and marital problems
  • Nadi Astrology
  • Remedies and the science behind
  • Medical Astrology and timing of disease
  • Karma and reincarnation

His Background

Having developed interest for Astrology right from the age of 14, he had studied Astrology directly from various Guru’s.He was also a direct student of World famous celebrity Astrologer, Mr. KB GopalaKrishnan. On the spiritual side he is initiated into Siddha Yoga by realized Siddha’s and is been practicing for years. The idea to develop this website www.myastrology.in was to help people all over the world to access scientific astrology with a reasonable price and make positive difference in their lives to find peace and harmony. During his initial days he was disturbed that there are various people exploiting others in the name of astrology and finally resulting in nothing. This triggered him to develop a platform through this website so that people all over the world get accurate solution for their problems with a reasonable price and the glory of Astrology, Siddha’s and Rishi’s return back.

All the reports that are generated from www.myastrology.in is hand written and manually reviewed by Mr Raghunandanan before sending to our valued customers.

Should you may require any guidance or clarification, you are welcome to contact us/Whatsapp in  (+91) 7904387768