Mesha Rasi / Aries

(Aswini, Bharani & Karthikai)

Aries or Mesha is the first sign of zodiac. It is a fiery sign and hot by temperament. It is a movable sign and masculine by nature. Aries have a quality of being rash, combative and hard. Aries represents head and face in human body. This sign is ruled by Mars and Sun gets exalted here. Saturn gets debilitated in this sign. According to Sayana system Sun enters Aries on 21st or 22nd March, which is celebrated in few states in North of India and according to Nirnaya system the Sun enters Aries on 14th April, which is celebrated as New year in many states in India.

Aries has a muscular body with middle stature and bushy eye brows. As Mars is the ruler of this sign the people born in Aries are aggressive in nature with bold ambitions. Aries generally have tendency to be the head of all activities and would prefer to act according to their own wishes. Arians are quick in decision making and have high energy for executing. They are good in dealing with emergency situations. Sometimes they become fanatics and arrogant.

Arians are generally healthy and keeps fit through sports. At times they indulge in rash driving. Arians have a desire to earn and spend because of their philosophy of “tomorrow never comes”. Arians are extremely frank and has a charm to attract opposite sex. They want freedom and are not emotional. Leo and Sagittarius is the best match for Aries.

* Prediction based on Moon Sign