Married Life – how will it be for me?

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The Answer is YES, provided you Match with a competent & Experienced Astrologer.

Generally Marriage matching is based on KUTA ( agreement) between both the partners and is interpreted through their horoscope chart. Recently i have come across many cases of couples where the marriage matching is been done perfectly along with perfect matching of Mangal dosha,as well and,they have got a score of 7/10 matches … however few years or months after marriage , they have separated.

Similarly a recent client of mine, have come to me for a marriage matching,where the girl had 8th house Mars and the Boy had 12th House Mars. From a General glance at a horoscope, we find that there is Mangal dosha in Both the charts ( Because Mars in 1,2,4,7,8,& 12th house from Lagna is generally a MANGAL DOSHA) and so some may conclude that it is compensated, because both Boy & Girl has Mangal Dosha.

But If you analyse a bit more, you will find that the boys 12th house is scorpio, and it is the own house of Mars, so, the Mangal Dosha in Boys chart is almost not there. So there is no match between girl & a Boy.

Thumb Rule is if Girl Has 8th House Mars, it is better to have the girl Married to a Guy who has 8th house Mars or even 7th house Mars, in the Boys Horoscope, to ensure happy & Long Lasting Marriage provided the other factors ( Refer below points) are matching or present in their Horoscope.

Few years back I had a similar case, of Love marriage request, where I have warned them not to get married, as at some point the effect of Mangal dosha can come across in their life and can get separated. Just 2 years after their marriage, things changed,and now they want a separation, for whatsoever reason.

So, coming back to the point, of is the marriage matching a Guarantee to long & Happy marriage? I would say Yes, if the below points are followed, (I have verified these below, points, from a world famous and an experienced Astrologer,as, well)

1, Analyse the Longevity of both the charts

2.Check the Psychological Factor of the individual’s ( check if Moon is Afflicted by Malefic’ s & Beneficial aspects on Moon)

3.Check the Marriage Matching Points ( Kuta Agreement)

4. Dosha’s in the horoscope.

Without ascertaining the Longevity of the Partner it is just waste of time to Match the charts. Some times, in Computer horoscope matching & few busy astrologers, just read only matching of the charts, but fail to check the Longevity. What is the use of getting 9/10 Matches when the partner does not have a longevity?

The 2nd Point is Psychological Factors,which is equally crucial. I have come across a marriage where in there was perfect Match and confirmed by Many Astrologers. After a Year the Boy was behaving a bit odd, for no right reason ,and finally divorced.This took me years to research on Many charts, and finally found a common point, that is if MOON is afflicted by Malefic ( Rahu/Kethu/Saturn/Mars), by generally a conjunction in close degree, with no Benefic Aspect, will result in a state of mind, where the person will have some unknown ego/ complex/hatred with their partner, within themselves and WILL NOT SHOW the same outside,.Outside they will behave like gentleman or a cultured lady, but within them they have some psychological problems, which can result in a NOT SO ACCEPTABLE Treatment to their life partner.Because Moon is the MANO KARAKA ( Responsible for the Mind), so Affliction by Malefic Planet with Moon can result in such situations.marriage-4marriage-good

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