Muhurtha – Fixing an auspicious time

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We timehave come across everywhere in among Hindu’s the word Muhurtha or Muhurat, that is been looked into before starting any auspicious events. Muhurtha is noting but an auspicious time.

So what is Muhurtha and how is it different from a Horoscope?

Horoscope reads what is indicated as per the planetary positions at the time of birth being the resultant of previous Karma.It is nothing but the inherited karma that is expected to happen in the life time, and is read through the planetary symbols which is in the horoscope. It is nothing but the balance sheet of your sum total of the karma.

Muhurtha is much more then the horoscope.It gives valuable directions where in you can neutralize , remove evils indicated in the horoscope.It is prescriptive & preventive.It tells how you can undertake certain ventures on an auspicious time and ward of the evils and bring success.

Example – If in a Horoscope 4th house & planet mercury/Jupiter is related to education. If this house and the Planets are afflicted, the education can face difficulties and hindrances. So to ward of those evils in education because of the planetary affliction in the horoscope,an auspicious Muhurtha can be selected

How does the Muhurtha work?

During a specific period of time in a day, certain auspicious ethereal currents are released from the planets and these are powerful enough to minimize or nullify afflictions or failures.

Based on your feedback’s, I will publish further on how to select auspicious time with your birth star etc…

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