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Mahaganapathy Homa

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To remove obstacle and to bring success in undertaking Mahaganapathy Homa is different from the ordinary Ganapthy Homa. Mahaganapthy Homa is a very powerfull vedic ritual which assures results in terms of success in undertaking and victory. This Homa is done before a start of new venture or during house warming ceremony to remove all kind of obstacles, and to benefit the doer with great success. This Homa is also done to ward of the negative effect of Ketu in the horoscope.

Features of our Homa/Yajna Service

  • All Homa’s are done by qualified Priests/Pundits who come from the lineage for doing those Homa’s.
  • We qualify the priests/pundits to conduct the Homa based on their previous track records in showing results to the customer after a Homa is performed.
  • takes care of all the requirements for performing Homa services, and our pricing includes everything right from the service charges, materials and also Dakshina ( donation to priests)
  • Customers are requested to place their order through our website and mention the date at which the Homa needs to be performed. In case of any assistance in choosing a suitable date, please feel free to contact us back on or +91 9940139327
  • We do not club together different customers for the same Homa. Each Homa is done for a single individual or a single family.
  • Sankalp before the start of the Homa can be taken through skype or through phone.

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