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Good report before getting into any partnership. I liked the way you had described the matching points between me and my partner and the possible areas where we can have difference of opinion.



"Both of us were longing to have a child for a long time, and even though we had visited many temples nothing progressed. We thank you for your guidance, and the remedy you mentioned was very effective is what we believe as my wife had conceived last month."

Surendra, Chicago, USA.

Progeny report – Are you waiting for the good News?

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Contents of the report

  • Detailed analysis of yours and your partner’s horoscope.
  • Most probable period for progeny
  • Remedies to support the progeny.

Key Features of our Reports

  • All our Reports are strictly confidential and privacy is guaranteed.
  • Your Horoscopes are Manually analyzed by the Panel of Experienced and Senior Astrologers of
  • Only After in-depth analysis by our astrologers we type the report to send to you.

How will this report benefit me?

  • This Report helps you to know the most possible time for a child birth as per your horoscope.
  • This report will help you with remedies in case there is a likely delay in child birth.


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